Interview for SANG et SOL Zine (2015)

Answered by Commando Wolf - December 2015

1/Heil Wolf commando Wolf! Certain rumors and false information circulate concerning your departure from Der Stürmer, can you return on the real reasons?

Hails! There is not any special or a secret reason of why i left Der Sturmer. Simple I had to do it. This was of course not because of musical or ideological differences, but because of personal reasons that made my stay in this band impossible. Other than that, whatever else you hear about my departure is lies, rumors and cheap gossip.

2/Henceforth, you devote your time to your new project Dreadful relic, or you experiment in another musical and ideological style. Can you extend over the philosophic and conceptual foundations of this project?

"Inveniam Viam" was a quote that Seneca used in some of his tragedies. I created DREADFUL RELIC because of my urge for expression of my ideas, the way I see the world and its end engulfed by the cosmic flames of the Ancient Gods.

3/The other musicians contribute to your project, how formed the line-up? Do they participate only on the musical plan?

And here I continue from your previous question. Shorty after the creation of the name and concept of DREADFUL RELIC which I did during the first bloodmoon of 2014, I had to find the proper persons in order to realize this plan. Hjarulv was the first person that joined. He is the creator of most music and he also contributes to the spiritual concept. Blackhammer followed. There’s nothing alike to his maniacal skin-beating (if you can call it drumming).The distant sounds of the tympans of war! Desolate Wings of The Pagan Dawn was the person completed the circle. It’s hard to believe that such otherworldly sounds are created by human hands and are not echoing from the great beyond. In this sense, DREADFUL RELIC is not my project, but a puzzle that I had put its first piece. The others completed it and what you see in this picture is nothing but visions of doom, war and the enthroned Tyranny in the temple of Mars Ultor!

4/The result of your first demo " Archaic Conjurations " is satisfactory, how did you perceive the return? Did it correspond to your expectations?

ARCHAIC CONJURATIONS turned really great, exactly as we wanted it to be, both in musical and visual terms. The response so far has been overwhelming. Definitely beyond our expectations.

5/A new Ep should be published during the Sabbath of Samhaim, in which paganism influences your artistic creations? Otherwise, what are your sources of inspiration?

The new EP is out since the Samhain of 2015, its title is "Warlords of Cosmic Sovereign" and it includes 4 new tracks plus a TREBLINKA cover. Paganism is of course an inspiration as it’s the Cult of Blood of our European folk-soul. Other sources of inspiration are many. Mainly it’s from European history, myths and the rise and fall of the worlds, the traditions of Sword & Sorcery. The Archaic Cult of the Overman through the revolting and barbaric sounds of our BLACK MYTHICAL METAL.

6/Lets speak about your new label Frost and Fire. Will you produce only the releases of Dreadful Relic? You remain all the same active with Totenkopf Propaganda, can you explain the differences between your two labels?

FROST & FIRE RECORDS is a label that has been born together with DREADFUL RELIC with the intention to release the most of the DREADFUL RELIC material, merch, etc. and also to run a web-shop as a necessary function in order to finance further activities. This doesn`t mean that TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA is dead or something like that. This label will continue to release stuff in the future. The only thing that closed is its distro section as this is now taken care by FROST & FIRE web-shop. The difference between the two labels is that TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA is releasing more straightforward material, NS Black Metal and in general hateful outspoken stuff. FROST & FIRE RECORDS is focused more on the DREADFUL RELIC releases but also on releases from other bands and "weird" music that doesn`t fit in the typical TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA roster.

7/Nostalgia of the old scene, we feel the musical influence of the beginnings of Thrash/Death/Black Metal. What represents this time period for you? Furthermore, a resumption of Celtic Frost appears in your demo, what are your favourite groups?

This period means a lot to me. Almost everything, as back in these early days, together with my musical exploration, the finding of great bands and killer releases, I had a parallel way with the research of my ideals, something that shaped my character and most likely the one I`m going to be, my worldview and way of life. I consider myself very lucky cause I witnessed with my own eyes and ears the birth and rise of the 2nd wave of Black Metal. Its impact to me had the same magical purpose like a Rune carved on stone, with the only difference that the stone is replaced with the very depths of my soul. Now I know that what we were hearing back then were not just record releases, but spell-binding tales in sonic format.
A classic example of what I described above is HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST (everything up to "To Mega Therion"). The impact and influence was not only on Archaic Conjurations but also played a major role in the whole existence of DREADFUL RELIC. Favorite bands are too many to mention really. Some of them are: BATHORY, BURZUM, HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, MAYHEM (86-94 era), ABSU/EQUIMANTHORN, SAMAEL (88-94 era), NASTROND, DARKTHRONE (88-95 era), ISENGARD, NEPTUNE TOWERS, BLUE EYED DEVILS, MORTUARY DRAPE, TIAMAT (90-92 era), ALTAR OF PERVERSION, BOUND FOR GLORY, TANGERINE DREAM, EMPEROR (92-94 era), KING DIAMOND/MERCYFUL FATE, GRAND BELIAL`S KEY, ABSURD, VELES, ANGELCORPSE, ORDER FROM CHAOS, BLACK FUNERAL/DARKNESS ENSHROUD (93-95 era), TORMENTOR (Hun), MORBID, SODOM (82-89 era), MASTERS HAMMER, BOLT THROWER, IRON MAIDEN, FORTRESS, VLAD TEPES, ENSLAVED (91-94 era), SPEAR OF LONGINUS, GRAVELAND (92-97 era), MORBID ANGEL (86-93 era), PAUL CHAIN, BLOODSTORM and tons more...

8/What do you think of internet, followed by the proliferation of Facebook and by the social networks in Black Metal?

Internet has some positives but also many negatives. The positives are the fast communication and you save money from the postage fees. If it is used properly then it can serve as a very good source for information etc. On the other hand there are much more negatives. Especially when Black Metal is concerned, mediums like facebook are totally incompatible to its nature. A mystical and elitist genre that transcends the mundane musical barriers has no place among worms, 3rd world genetic garbage, sluts and other "all-singing, all-dancing crap of this world".

9/Given that this interview will be published in a French fanzine, how do you perceive this country, its history, its culture…?

France is a great country with long history. From the Graeco-Roman colonies of the south, up to the Celtic center and the Nordic northern parts of the country, France is a land of rich traditions and with a great contribution to our European racial culture and civilization. Of course I truly despise the "french revolution" and the jacobine swine-ideals of the so-called "enlightenment era" which for centuries now it works as a poison in the soul of every European. The antidote? Throw into the garbage whatever has to do with "liberte, egalite, fraternite" and live by the ideals of Brasillach and Drieu la Rochelle, the vision of Charle Mauras and deal with the modern world in the tongue of Celine. This is our Europe! In the true spirit of Jacques Doriot.

10/Otherwise, you are interested in the political current events of your country?

Of course I`m interested in the politics of my country, but also on the European politics as well. Every European must do so by all means. In the last decades the zionist establishment of Europe has orchestrated and promoted that any kind of proper political involvement and activism is "futile" because "things can`t be changed". However, history proves otherwise. You see, the tyranny of the masses tomorrow may be the Tyranny of a despot. Then, those who portray themselves today as some kind of gods walking on earth will find themselves in their natural position: with the whip cracking on their backs.

11/What means to you the re-election of the traitor Alexis Tsipras? After a wide victory, his party Syriza possesses almost the absolute majority in the new assembly. How the Greek people were able to be deceived by this liar and manipulator?

Not only Greece but the whole of Europe has a long history on the rule of demagogues and the worst and lowest type of scum in general. And that’s not an exception. This is very nature of democracy itself! It’s a system created by and for this type of humans, the proletarians of spirit. The ruling of the majority and the herd with the self-illusions of a 'free will' because of elections and a vote whose only value is equivalent to what means to the pig to crawl a bit more in the mud before ending on the butcher`s table. That’s why Europe is in such a terrible state today. What’s the cure? As I`m talking to a French zine I`ll mention something familiar to your readers: a good old-fashioned Napoleonic coup d`etat!

12/The government Tsipras is thus going to be able to submit itself to the austerity plan been imperative by the European Commission, welcome of immigrant advantage… How do you see the future of Greece?

Unless something groundbreaking happens, like “the god from the machine” of the ancient Hellenic tragedies, then the future of Hellas looks dark, and the same goes to the rest of Europe. Perhaps it’s better this way, because if you don’t reach the bottom then there will never be a chance to rise up again.

13/The Greek island of Lesbos undergoes a massive immigration, the allochthonous could exceed the number of the local population. What are your reactions in the face of this migratory influx?

It’s not only the island of Lesvos that receives the massive wave of the intruders that the media call "refugees" but also other islands too, like Kos, Samos and more. The locals of course have not received it good so far because their own place turned into crime-ridden sewers. On the other hand there are also the traitors (communists mainly) who welcome the immigrants and give them food, shelter and more.

14/Your opinion on the flood of migrabts which is rushing over Europe, then I let you end …

The main problem of Europe today is not economical. For decades (especially from 1945 and on it’s more obvious) Europe in an ongoing spiritual and cultural crisis. Our racial enemies and their minions have launched a full-scale attack on every level in order to wipe out from the face of the earth anything that has to do with the real Europe and its true foundations rooted in our Ancient history and the blood our ancestors shed for our lands. Now brainwashing is not enough for them. Their goal is to REPLACE the native European population with millions from asia and africa. In the verge of biological extinction, in the near future, the Aryan European man will have to choose: democracy but without Europe or Europe without democracy! From our side we`ve made our choice!

Thanks for the interview and support! We live in times of Hybris, what’s following is Nemesis! Hail The Gods!