Warchants echoed in Mediolanum! Thus the debut DREADFUL RELIC gig now belongs to the past....

DREADFUL RELIC would like to salute Il Colonnello and the Hot Shower hard working crew as well as the rest of the bands and everyone else involved to make this a truly memorable event.

Shields are clanged to Camazotz and his gang for the process of purification, and the shivers sent down the spine witnessing this breath-taking stage presentation of the Apocalyptik Antient Noise known as SPEAR OF LONGINUS. Indeed, you are the old-school ya fuckin bastards!

More Dreadful Relic gigs will be announced in future!

The Battering Ram is now marching onwards!
Arrangements have been made and the recordings of the debut album are set for the week before the Summer Solstice.

More info in due time...